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Lowland Wanderers - Join the fastest growing club in the Hawkesbury.  

Bensons Ln
Richmond, NSW, 2753

0417 603 806

Lowland Wanderers Soccer Club

Ground Status

Monday to Friday Ground Closures are governed by Hawkesbury Sports Council. Information on ground closures can be found at


Hawkesbury Ground Closures

Our fields are listed as Bensons 1. 

Saturday and Sunday Ground Closures are overseen by the Clubs hiring them. In the case of clubs closing the grounds, the Hawkesbury Council Website will not be updated

Notification procedures of ground closures - Once lowland Wanderers is aware of Bensons 1 being closed, managers and coaches of teams that are scheduled to use the ground will be notified by txt message. Our facebook page will be updated accordingly. The front page of this website shows facebook updates so, even if you do not use facebook, you will be able to see the ground status message on our home page